Welcome to Idimma

Empowering communities, Fostering mental wellbeing

Idimma, which means wellness and wholesomeness in the Igbo language of Nigeria, is a not-for-profit organization that is working towards bringing mental wellness to every community in Nigeria and Africa. Idimma is an organization birthed from our company The Sunshine Series, which is a social enterprise that was established in 2020, and has been making social impact in changing the narrative around mental health and making it more accessible for all. These goals will be further scaled through Idimma as an NGO. Click here to find out more about our impact through The Sunshine Series.

What makes your body happy, improves your mental wellbeing

Why we chose Lay counselling as our tool for change

Equal access to Mental health care for all

Imagine a community where every tenth person has learned counselling skills. To create a society with better listeners and better communicators, a society that is broadly more empathetic and caring for each other’s needs, we will be creating a mentally healthier society that is broadly able to heal itself. 

A counsellor speaking with a help-seeker

Every individual has mental health needs. However, not every individual will require specialized mental healthcare in their lifetime. Some people can be supported through basic psychosocial support, which a lay counsellor can provide. A person who requires specialized care can be referred to see a specialist.

Aisha Bubah

Founder/ Projects Lead, Idimma

Our Values

At Idimma, these are the values that guide the steps we take towards bridging the gap in access to mental health care.


When we empower communities and strengthen existing systems to take initiative in improving their mental wellbeing, it ensures sustainability.


We are humans. We have mental health and we understand what it means when it suffers and when it thrives.


When people come together to support their mental wellbeing, it provides a supportive landing ground for persons who deal with severe mental illness.


To take charge and influence a change in the negative narrative around mental health.


A good mental health improves the chances to thrive and grow in all other areas of life like school/work, relationship, etc.


Giving people the power to self-heal and influence their mental wellbeing.