Strengthening community systems, to foster mental wellbeing

Who we are

Idimma is a youth-led mental health not-for-profit organization based in Nigeria. We are working towards bridging the inequality in access to mental health care in Nigeria. We do this by training lay counsellors who carry out interventions within their communities. Our approach also integrates a wholesome approach that factors in social needs like food, shelter, and economic empowerment in addressing access to mental healthcare.

Idimma is affiliated to The Sunshine Series- Mind Wellness Ltd, a company that provides Psychological services within and outside Nigeria. Click here to find out more.

Our core activity is focused on empowering communities with skills to improve their mental wellbeing, with a holistic integration of social and physical needs. This is why we train lay counsellors and psychological first aiders who provide mental health support within their communities. Our goal is to create a society with better listeners and better communicators, a society that is broadly more empathetic and caring for each other’s needs, and is broadly able to heal itself from its trauma. 

Our Approaches

Our Methodology for training community lay counsellors.


We train them in basic counselling skills so they can be empathetic, non-judgmental, active listeners. These counselling skills include; questioning skills, active listening, attending skills, and ethics in counselling.


We train them on using a screening tool for depression, anxiety and stress. This is to identify any warning signs and symptoms, so they can make referral for further diagnosis and treatment. 


We create a link between our trained lay counsellors and other advanced mental health professionals like Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Health workers, Social workers and other relevant agencies within their communities. This is to facilitate a holistic intervention approach that links help-seekers with the support they need, which is beyond the scope of what a lay counsellor can provide.

The Social care approach

Poverty and lack of basic social amenities creates a huge barrier in accessing and staying consistent with mental healthcare. Individuals who are unable to afford treatment and care due to poor economic situations stand a high risk of relapsing.  Our projects will integrate providing economic empowerment programmes to improve the quality of life of persons with psychosocial/ intellectual disability, survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, victims of conflict, and to also increase their chances of accessing quality mental healthcare.

Stepped care model image

The Strong Voices Project

The Strong Voices Project is a Radio Drama created by idimma with support from The Athari Group and produced by Shades of Us Media. According to a report by The Guardian Nigeria, Radio has become the most popular broadcast medium in Nigeria. Our aim is to reach the most underserved communities with an awareness of mental health through storytelling and also promote help-seeking behavior through the 112-national emergency free mental helpline run by The Sunshine Series (read here) in the Federal Capital Territory. 

We conducted a 3-day Script development workshop with content creators, a scriptwriter, a drama producer, a psychologist, a counselor, and persons with lived experience of mental health conditions. We created 6 episodes based on real-life experiences that Nigerians face and how it affects their mental health.

The Strong Voices Radio Drama launched on 27th December 2022 in Abuja. It will be airing twice weekly on Kiss 99.9 FM (Tuesdays at 11:45 am) and Kapital FM 92.9 (Fridays at 10 am). Follow us on Instagram by clicking here and Facebook by clicking here to participate in weekly quizzes about the drama and stand a chance to win recharge cards.

The Strong Voices Radio Drama is created to give a voice to the struggles of the average Nigerian and the social issues that threaten their mental well-being. Join us weekly for new episodes touching on different issues.


Upcoming trainings and events

Apply for a Scholarship for our Lay Counselling Skills Training

Lay counselling skills training

Are you a social change maker working towards improving the lives of underserved persons? Does your approach provide holistic  support that factors in mental health? Do you want to be able to provide psychosocial support to your beneficiaries? Apply for this scholarship worth $109 per participant.

Idimma, a mental health organization in Nigeria is offering a 5-day virtual training on Lay counselling skills. You also stand the chance to join our Lay counsellors network which currently has over 40 members and provides opportunities for mentoring, further learning and networking with fellow Lay counsellors. Certificates of participation will be awarded to successful participants.

Click here to register and submit your application.